DUTO panelist at international conferences of youth entrepreneurship

DUTO Invited by the World Bank to Y2Y Global Youth Conference 2009
DUTO participated in the employment panel in the World Youth Conference in Washington DC Y2Y Last Thursday, 22 October 2009.

The World Youth Conference Y2Y is an event that is organized annually by the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC as part of the celebration of the week United Nations commemoration of the day the United Nations charter took effect (October 24, 1945), in previous years the conference has attracted an audience of over 300 people worldwide. The event is organized by the community of young staff of the World Bank for the youth of the world and seeks to incorporate aspects that allow the commitment of young people through a participatory process. This year the theme of the event was the youth leadership in a time of crisis.

DUTO was invited to participate in the employment panel, thanks to the nomination of Young Americas Business Trust YABT OAS. The panel was integrated also by Silvia Uranga, President of the Argentinan foundation PESCAR, Yiri Ostrovsky co-founder of ClickDiagnostics and Fiona Macaulay, President of Making Cents International.

Young people are tomorrow’s workers, leaders and entrepreneurs. However, worldwide, struggling with a multitude of problems – drugs, crime, violence, unemployment, abuse, illiteracy and natural disasters to name a few. These youth are a generation of the future. And time to build that future is now.

Global Youth Enterprise Conference Organization Making Cents International

Similarly DUTO was invited to be part of the Young Entrepreneurs panel Highlight What Makes a Difference in the Global Youth Enterprise Conference 2009 event held on 2 and October 3, 2009 in Washington DC.

In this panel DUTO could share their experience of entrepreneurship that has allowed it to turn into reality the dream of equality that is IRIS, the system that allow blind children to see with their hands the visual pedagogical materials given in the traditional classroom.

The panel was led by Isabel M. Alvarez-Rodriguez the director of agency programs IDB Youth Inter-American Development Bank. This panel also included Gary Barois (Haiti) “TOP APEL”, Carlos Arturo Camacho Vivar (Mexico) “Bamboorganic: Biodegradable Products”, Chante Goodwin (U.S.) “IT Solutions Your Way,” and Mr. Najib Tayara (Syria) ” Background Information on Tayara Internetworks Systems “.

The panel helped to remark the important role of youth in developing countries, and also served to highlight the importance of providing support mechanisms for entrepreneurs to enable them to achieve their dreams.

DUTO SA thanked the World Bank Y2Y Making Cents International YABT and enable their participation in these events.

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Thursday, November 12th, 2009