IRIS® Product

IRIS Product


IRIS® Software:

A specialized software that counts with a pedagogical image data base divided in areas of knowledge that allow the device to represent a countless number of pedagogical exercises designed to support the pedagogical process of visually impaired children.

IRIS® Grid:

A peripheral device that generates a set of vibrations that can be felt with the hand and that represent the colors of the images shown with the software.

IRIS® Manual:

Manual with adapting curriculum of the basic elementary. The activities are structured as follows: grade, area, thematic, topic, competence, performance indicators, activity No., description for the student, the teacher description, evaluation and images.


codification iris

How does IRIS® work?

Just like Lois Braille in 1825 when he developed a special code for text representation, IRIS® presents today a universal code for color representation, making a connection between color and vibration just as shown in the figure.

A visually impaired child can identify colors depending on the speed of the vibrations.

How do you “see” images in IRIS®?

On the IRIS® Grid kids can visualize simultaneously several segments of an image or a complete image by touching the square (central zone of the device), and perceive its vibration, this square is divided in an 8 line grid, each one of them with 8 blocks, each block vibrates independently allowing the children to distinguish tactile shapes by following with their fingers the path traced by a given vibration.


ship in iris


images iris

Why use IRIS®?

Teachers who have visually impaired children among their students, must often develop didactic elements that allow the children to recognize shapes and figures by using their hands. With IRIS®, these teachers will have a bigger set of high quality pedagogical contents that will help them give their students a better education.

IRIS® software makes it easier for visually impaired children to be able to study as many times as they want the different contents presented by their teacher and if they want to, explore new topics. Every image is associated to a text description that helps understand its meaning and specific function.

Implementation of IRIS® Service

The implementation of IRIS® presents a comprehensive and innovative use of technology model that ensures adequate technology transfer to the educational community of Inclusive Educational Institution.

The implementation of IRIS® is composed of the following activities:

  • Characterization of students in a situation of visually impaired recorded in the Educational Institution corresponds to the diagnosis of students and collection of personal information and background of their disability and the educational process.
  • Provision of educational IRIS® baskets, each consisting of: 1 IRIS® grid device, 1 laptop, 1 IRIS® manual and software right to use the IRIS®.
  • Awareness, education and training in the use of IRIS® of the educational community (teachers, support teachers, directors, parents, and high school students in social service delivery and other students) from Inclusive Education Institution.
  • Support to Inclusive Educational Institution in the use of IRIS®.

For more information on how to carry out this service see section Active Projects.