DUTO S.A. is a company that researches, develops and markets technology products for visually impaired students for the perception of color and images with the touch, known as IRIS®.



DUTO is a company that develops technology solutions with high research and innovation levels, with an interdisciplinary team of professionals with extensive academic and scientific training and skills to adapt to the current changing world and highly committed to the implementation of technologies for the benefit of people, with social meaning.

DUTO has a worldwide recognition as a successful social start up because of the development of IRIS Project “And the blind will see …”.


2015 Vision

Being the Colombian leader in research and development of technological solutions to improve life quality, generating intellectual capital and operating in international markets.

We are a company ParqueSoft®


ParqueSoft® is an innovative partnership model that has consolidated the Cluster of Digital Art, Science, Technology and related services most important in Colombia and one of the most outstanding in Latin America, integrating Software Technology Parks in major cities of Colombia.

ParqueSoft® was born in 1999 in the city of Cali and Pereira was established inDecember 2004. DUTO is one of the ParqueSoft® Pereira companies since its establishment.