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Why to invest in IRIS?

Each time a visually impaired child should attend a regular classroom, where visual contents are explained and he or she just cannot understand them because of his/her condition, his/her fundamental rights to education and equity are being violated. The IRIS Project is the mechanism by which governments can fulfill their obligation to guarantee these rights.

According to numbers from the World Health Organization every minute a child goes blind in the world. Approximately 175 million people worldwide have visual impairment, of which four percent (4%) are under 14 years.

The IRIS project is the unique pedagogical tool, which using technology allows visually impaired people to see using their hands. DUTO S.A. has the international patent registration WO/2006/114711 SYSTEM FOR THE PERCEPTION OF IMAGES THROUGH TOUCH in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which proves that IRIS is a unique tool in the world and which gives priority entrance to 137 countries.

IRIS has no direct competitors; no other existing commercial device allows seeing shapes and colors with the touch. Currently the market of computer solutions for visually impaired people is reduced to tools that only allow access to texts, using screen readers or Braille-like systems, whose costs can reach USD $ 7,000 (source

In the same way that Louis Braille developed a representation of text encoding in 1813, today IRIS presents a universal encoding of color representation that marks a milestone in education for the visually impaired.

How to Invest in IRIS?

  • Acquiring IRIS as a pedagogical tool to provide visually impaired children in your region equity in their education.
  • Purchase the IRIS marketing license in one or more of the 137 countries covered by the PCT international patent.
  • Making a donation to support this dream of equality.

The IRIS Project is the first success achieved by DUTO – Engineering with a Social Purpose, in the way of making true our dream of equality and inclusion of visually impaired people to the society, building technological tools that give them autonomy in their work and personal performance.

The IRIS project, for its high social impact, high level of innovation and technological development, becomes an excellent alternative for your company to invest and be a participant in this historic milestone.