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IRIS® products are systems that offer equal terms to visually impaired children. They offer the possibility to perceive color figures using the hands. Because of this children have access to an assistive tool with more graphics and varied educational contents.

IRIS® Software

A specialized computer program that has a database containing hundreds of pedagogical images designed to support the learning process in several areas.

IRIS® Grid

IRIS tres colores

A especially designed device to be used by visually impaired children: ergonomic, resistant, comfortable and durable.

IRIS® Manual

Manual with adapting curriculum of the basic elementary.

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Educational Institutions of Colombia with IRIS®


Institución Educativa Pablo Emilio Cardona

Santa Rosa de Cabal

Institución Educativa Francisco Jose de Caldas headquarters Atanasio Girardot


Instituto para Niños Ciegos Fundación Juan Antonio Pardo Ospina

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