DUTO gets the TIC Americas Young Entrepreneur Superstar Award

A new historic event in the short life of the company  DUTO had just take place in the just ended Private Sector of the Americas Forum framed in the Organization of American States (OAS) Annual Conference. There the excellence General Secretary José Miguel Insulza, in representation of the Young Americas Business Trust gave the TIC Americas 2008: Young Entrepreneur Superstar Award to the company that created the recognized IRIS system. This system enables a visually impaired child to be in equality in his educational process, by being able to see the colors and shapes of the different pedagogical material commonly used in a traditional classroom.

This selected award in a high recognition that the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT)  makes to the entrepreneurs that with his hard work, constance and vision had taken their entrepreneurships and project to become in an example to all the different entrepreneurial initiatives in the member states of the OAS. DUTO gets this award thanks to the goals achieved in its project, since its recognition as with the Social Entrepreneurship Award in the TIC Americas 2007. From there DUTO has taken its business plan and transformed it in a legally stated company in Parquesoft Pereira, that its ready to start the pilot test of the IRIS system, and that have been nationally and internationally recognized.

The award ceremony take place on May 29th in the “Hotel Intercontinental” in Medellín Colombia, with the presence of the different representations of the public and private sectors that assists to the Forum, and with the presence of the finalists of the TIC Americas 2008 Competition and other different personalities of the Americas. There the General Secretary made a meaningful introductory speech to the company that afterwards thanked with an invitation to all the entrepreneurs to continue with their efforts, and to the representatives of the different companies and government that assists to the event, to support all those entrepreneurial project and by this help to change the reality of the Americas (The speech can be found in

A very good example of this collaborative work in the announcement that in that place makes Mr. Rodrigo Arbloleda Director of Development for Latin America & the Caribbean of the Project One Laptop Per Child, that offer to give 10 of the famous OLPCs for the pilot test of the IRIS System.

DUTO highly thanks to all the actors that have believe in this dream that becomes a reality, to Parquesoft Pereira, SENA, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Alcaldía de Pereira, Gobernación del Risaralda, Cámara de Comercio de Pereira, to the Dinero magazine and its business plan competition Ventures and their sponsors, to YABT, to BiD Challenge Foundation, to  Frisby’s Foundation, and to all the different friends of the project that have help the IRIS system to become what it is today. Thank you all.
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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009